Gaited Leopard Appaloosa Horses

Palmer's Foundation Leopard Appaloosa Ranch

I am looking for a resourceful person with acreage and facilities to partner with me in helping develop the gaited Leopard Appaloosa.  I have created an outstanding gaited gene pool of foundation leopard Appaloosas but can't continue at this level as the work load has become too difficult. I am willing to share my horses with a passionate person whose interest is in continuing to develop and to anchor in the gaited gene through a few more generation of horses so that the breeding will lead to consistent gaited offspring.  I would prefer someone in the Pacific Northwest which would be closer to my home base in Montana. Call me (406 837-4419) or email me ( if you have an interest.

Glacier Sioux with Cliff:  For sale (see Sale Barn)


“Breeding and Raising Gaited Leopard Foundation Appaloosas for Comfort and Safety”

Molly on KittenPrestigious Foundation Leopard family horses gifted with mellow dispositions “&” a natural gait.  We are on a program to consistently produce and preserve the Indian Shuffler (foundation gaited horses).  We are committed to preserving the “Indian Shuffler”, a smooth, fast and efficient mode of travel.  It is both easy on the horse and rider.

Our Foundation Appaloosas

Our gaited Foundation Appaloosas are perfect for trail riding, pleasure or endurance.  These spotted gaited horses are colorful and professionally trained.  The degree of gaitedness varies from horse to horse and in some it takes time and training to bring out.  We are constantly trying to breed more gait into our horses by breeding for gaited conformation.  We are a work in progress but each generation is more gaited as we are learning to more selectively breed for gaitedness.

All of our Foundation Appaloosa horses are registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (APHC) and are Foundation Pedigree DesignationCliff and Issaquah eligible (FPD, and all can be registered with FAHR and other foundation registries as they all have been bred Appaloosa to Appaloosa.  We take pride that they are “true” Appaloosas.  Our bloodlines represent the best of the Foundation Appaloosas.  Ulrich, Toby, El Morracco, Sundance 500, Simcoes Sarcee, are all well represented.

Our Calm, Fun Loving Foundation Leopard Appaloosas

Our Foundation Appaloosa horses have leopard appaloosa genetics and ancestry.  These are fun loving, calm, hardy animals who will give you a lifetime of pleasure.  We imprint our foals and handle them daily.  We ride our brood mares to evaluate their gait, temperament, and versatility.  When our horses are trained we evaluate their degree of gaitedness.  Comfort, safety, and temperament are the major criteria in evaluating our horses.

We are proud to carry on the legacy of foundation leopard appaloosa heritage without out-crossing to other breeds. See our Sale Barn Page for our Appaloosa horses that are currently available for sale.

Indian Shuffler Gait

 Cheryl with Teton Sioux *Indian Shuffler:  A 4 beat diagonal (fox trot) or lateral (stepping pace), or “even” (running walk) gait, also called intermediate gait.  It is a fast, ground covering, smooth moving gait to ride.  Some old foundation appaloosa lines were found to be “gaited.”

Spotted Swan Ranch
Cheryl Palmer
378 Wild Swan Trail
Bigfork, Montana 59911

Tyler on Ulrich Kashinka